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How God’s Love Healed My Heart

I was in a season where everything in my life seemed to be going wrong. My marriage was falling apart, I was laid off from my job where I had worked for 18 years, and one of my closest friends abandoned our ten-year friendship. I felt hopeless and alone. I questioned everything about my life, and I felt like I did not even know who I was/supposed to be. Fear and overwhelming sadness made it difficult to do anything. I believe God gave me the strength to still care for my two young children. I knew I had to keep going for their sake. As I cried to God, I would hear a song on the radio, or read a verse that would give me some encouragement. I started to memorize bible verses and write/print them out and place them around the house where I would see them throughout the day. I remember one particular verse about forgiveness (Mark 11:25). I told God I did not know how to forgive but I would keep repeating the verse until He showed me how. I also stumbled into another verse (Isaiah 43:18, 19) about not focusing on the past and trusting that God was doing new things in and around me. I didn’t believe any of it at first, but I kept meditating on the verses and saying them out loud to God. Eventually, I started to feel different inside. I found more bible verses, songs, and sermons that focused on God’s love. His love became real and I remember feeling peaceful inside even though not much in my circumstances had changed. I continued to fall in love with God’s word and Jesus became so real to me. I “heard” Him speak through songs, people, nature, dreams, sermons, bible studies and eventually my circumstances began to change. I saw God do miracles in my marriage, my family, my job and most significantly in my own heart. His love transformed how I felt about myself and I felt loved, restored, and accepted by Jesus. This changed how I viewed others, my life and all situations. His love continues to change me daily and I am so grateful to have a Savior who loves me so much.

3 thoughts on “How God’s Love Healed My Heart”

  1. Oh how beautiful your testimony is Cera; isn’t the Word of God powerful!!!! How it changed you little by little, being either like a hammer or a fire, whatever is needed. He is so faithful to complete what He started in you. So glad that you never gave up or gave in to all those pressures I am sure that you were feeling but overcoming as you put one foot in front of the other. I love His love-so beyond our understanding isn’t it….goes way past our own faulty understanding about ourselves and who we are in Him! I love it!!! Thank you Sistah for sharing your sweet heart!


  2. Simply wonderful!
    Thank you for sharing How God’s Love brought healing to you, Cera.
    It’s wonderful to read that all other things were added to you too ☺
    God’s love is amazing!


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